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The Process

Below is a brief guide of what to expect during the design, pricing and construction stages of your new custom home with BerHoff Homes, LLC. If the client already has the house plan established at the first meeting with the contractor, John, then we may advance to the pricing stage.

Design Stage 1

  • We prefer to have an initial meeting with the client to identify all existing information about the proposed house such as sketches and design ideas.
  • We will discuss the needs and wants of the client to establish new and unique ideas that may fit the clients lifestyle.
  • If the client already has completed house plans, then we can advance to the pricing stage.
  • Discuss requirements including size, number of bedrooms, style, and architectural requirements of subdivision.
  • Visit and review clients plat of the building site, restrictions and covenants.
  • Discuss the clients budget.
  • Establish a time table for the completion of design stages 2 and 3.

Design Stage 2

  • If a completed house plan is not already created, we will meet with an architect for the design of the clients new home.
  • Architect may prefer to visit the clients lot.
  • Produce a preliminary site plan which will include determination of basement exposure feasibility, orientation, driveway location, and setback requirements.
  • Produce the general building specifications detailing materials.

Design Stage 3

  • The architect will provide an 1/8” scale sketch plan of the main floor plan only. Floor plans will show room sizes, locations, exterior windows and doors, closet, stair/hallways, kitchen and bath layouts.
  • At this time, any dimensional changes to the plan will be made to best suit the design and the clients needs.

Design Stage 4

  • The architect will provide a detailed 1/8” scale sketch plan including floor plans, front, rear and side elevations. Floor plans will show room sizes, locations, exterior windows and doors, closet, stair/hallways, kitchen and bath layouts. The elevations may show roof style, exterior siding material, and window style.
  • It is preferred to identify exterior material selections and interior accent and designs (fireplace, cabinetry, etc.) at this time to create a more accurate plan for pricing and planning.
  • Thereafter, the architect will provide completed 1/4" scale drawings for review. If the plans are approved by the client, final drawings will be engineered and detailed by the architect to bring it to the pricing stage.

Pricing Stage 1

  • The 1/4” scale home plans are sent to every subcontractor to review and bid. John will meet with many of the subcontractors to establish the exact needs detailed in the plan for the work to be completed.
  • The client will need to provide information for interior and exterior selections such as flooring, cabinetry, doors and trim, siding, roofing, etc. The purpose of this is to create an accurate price for the complete home. Allowances are only used if necessary. We prefer to get accurate pricing to establish a realistic price for your new home.

Pricing Stage 2

  • Once all the pricing is in to the John, a detailed spreadsheet will be created listing the the pricing for every element in the home. Multiple versions of the pricing spreadsheet may be created depending upon options selected to meet the budget.
  • The pricing is reviewed by the contractor and client, adjusted as necessary to meet the clients budget and design needs and finalized.
  • The contract is provided to the client for review and agreement.
  • Construction planning begins, so building can start immediately obtaining permits.

Construction Stage 1 - Site Preparation / Improvements

  • Excavation begins (soil removal or fill additions).
  • Exterior doors, windows and roofing should be confirmed and placed on order.
  • Footings and foundation is poured. Drain tile is installed. Foundation installation is completed. The foundation will cure for approximately 7-10 days.
  • Backfilling of soil and gravel.
  • Meetings with the plumbing, fireplace and stone or brick and audio/visual subcontractors should take place to make selections and prepare for rough-in work. Siding and exterior treatments should be determined and ordered.

Construction Stage 2 - Rough Construction

  • Framing of structure and roofing. Any flooring selections near or on stairs should be confirmed at this point to allow for proper framing.
  • Window and door installation.
  • Exterior treatments (masonry, siding, soffit, fascia) are completed.
  • Rough HVAC walk through, to determine the placement of mechanical fixtures.
  • Plumbing, cabinetry, appliances and any fireplaces should be confirmed at this point. Flooring and lighting fixture selections should take place at this point.
  • An EnergyStar audit may take place at this time to determine insulation and blocking considerations.
  • Roofing is installed.

Construction Stage 3 - Electrical / Plumbing / Insulation

  • Heating/cooling and plumbing is roughed in
  • Rough electrical walk through to determine the location of lights and switches. Rough-in of the electrical is completed.
  • Sound, computer, phone and tv rough-in work is completed.
  • Siding, soffit & trim work begins.
  • All exterior and ceiling cavities are sealed. Exterior wall insulation and interior soundproofing is completed. Attic insulation will be completed after sheetrocking.
  • EnergyStar Inspection in completed (may occur at other stages as well).
  • Flooring, lighting fixtures and trim/door stain or paint selections should be confirmed and on order at this point.

Construction Stage 4 - Sheetrocking / Hardwood Floors

  • Sheetrock is hung and taped. Plaster finish is applied.
  • Painting is completed.
  • Hardwood flooring installed, unfinished. Tile is layed and completed. Linoleum (if used) is installed.

Construction Stage 5 - Finish Carpentry

  • Installation of trim is completed. Any custom carpentry is completed.
  • Interior masonry is completed.
  • Cabinets are installed
  • Light fixtures are hung.

Construction Stage 6 - Finishing

  • Final onsite staining or painting of millwork.
  • Installation of countertops (if granite or other specialty material).
  • Installation of plumbing fixtures.
  • Installation of carpet and mirrors/glass.
  • Final exterior grading is completed, driveway is poured (depending on season).
  • Downspouts are installed.
  • Final Cleaning.
  • Customers move in!


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